Angels in the Fog is a joint webcomic project by Destiny and Gabriel Elkins, a husband and wife team who also has super powers and travels around in a TaRDiS. She does the scripting and he magically makes all these wonderful characters come to life. It is a science fiction comic set in the year 2067 where Earth has been mostly demolished and the human race is scattered through space. It starts off as a drama and quickly takes twists and turns through comedy, romance, and action; even throwing a bit of horror in the mix. Angels in the Fog is for adults, having naked bits, triggering images, strong language, and a bit of religious blaspheming.




It’s the year 2067. A race of aliens have taken over Earth. Babies are being grown in labs. The human race has been scattered among the stars yet, somehow a young girl in the midst of it all has caught the eye of a lot of important people.

Jadelyn Shadowstalker was a nobody slave on a forgotten planet ran by an alien dictator named Serj. She woke up, did her work, came home, and went to bed. She did exactly what she was told every day of her life. Even when the night came that the sameness was ripped away along with her family and the last bit of her freedom, she still did exactly as she was told, becoming one of Serj’s many personal slaves.

The meaninglessness of life and the sting of revenge threatening to drive her mad, she drove the feelings down taking solace in the friendship with her alluring and somewhat unbalanced cellmate, Yukiko Hoshigawa. Together, they made it through each day.

Then, one day she was rescued by stick-in-the-mud space pirate, Razmus Starscream, and his pervy, android mechanic, K-195, on order’s from the king of Mars. Begrudgingly, he takes on the job to protect her. Wackiness, danger, and shenanigans ensue as the gang uncovers governments secrets, hidden pasts, and exactly what keeps happening when Jade’s left alone for too long.



DESTINY ‘MALLOW’ ELKINS was born when turtles were still mutants and mild-mannered mallards were still fighting crime. She was birthed and still lives in the heart of Ohio, with her goofy and lovable partner-in-crime.

She’s been writing since she knew how to hold a pen, but hasn’t finished a novel to this day. She is a geek on the deepest level it is possible to be one and enjoys every minute of it.

Armed with her slash goggles, vorpal blade, and +10 cloak of doominess, she matches wits with her foes at every turn. Her only weakness? Cute baby animals.


GABRIEL ‘GAZZY’ ELKINS was born in a time before Toonami became extinct and Monterey Jack still lived for cheese. He was born in the Virginia of the West but his family forded the river (all oxen intact) and made it to Ohio where he lives to this day with his lovely, yet kooky ball and chain.

He’s been drawing since he could properly drool on a mechanical pencil and sometimes still does. He has way too many talents for one person to possibly muster, dabbling in photography, art, guitar, and piano.

He was a lemur once, as a witch turned him into one, but he got better. Now he uses his lemur powers to fight crime and put an end to social injustices.