Q. So… how long with this thing be?
A. Er… long? Pretty long? There are ten arcs to each monster and each arc could have any number of issues/chapters/what-have-you.

Q. Does that mean you have the whole story planned out?
A. Yes!! Some parts of it are more planned out than others but in a general sense everything is planned out.

Q. When does AitF update?
A. Well, we’re shooting for posting two pages a week. One on Tuesday and one on Thursday. Some weeks may be more and some weeks may be less. For instance if there is a credit page, I’m going to go ahead and post that. If you want to know when we update, we plan on posting it on the Facebook and the Twitter, links at the top of the page.

Q. Two a week? No! I need more!
A. Sorry, this isn’t our day job. So that’s what we have time for. Maybe one day there could be more, but we don’t see it happening currently.

Q. Do you plan on putting this is print? I want to buy a copy!
A. Well, that really depends on a few things. Mostly on if there is a demand for it. Once we get enough readers, we certainly would like to!

Q. Well, what about any other merchandise? Shirts? Calenders? Something! Gimmie!
A. Woah there! Breath. Again it depends on the demand for it. Again, we would like to do just that. So if the demand seems to be there that will probably be something we’ll do eventually.

Q. Where’s this adult content/homoerotic themes/alien intercourse/etc. I keep hearing so much about when I come to the site?
A. While we don’t plan to have a ton of it, it will be somewhere in the comic and we just wanted to cover all of our bases. So if you are, for some reason, waiting for the alien intercourse (hey, no judgement, we’re the ones that put it in.) then just wait for it and it’ll happen.

Q. And the triggering things?
A. Yeah, some of that alien intercourse might be a bit non-consensual. So, that might be a thing. You have been warned.

Q. So what program do you draw this all in?
A. Gazzy uses Paint Tool SAI for everything he works on and sometimes a bit of Photoshop CS6. And he uses a small Intous4.

Q. Hey! Is that one thing a reference to this other real world thing?
A. It could be/probably is. We’re both big geeks and love our references. Sometime in the future I might try to make a footnotes sections or something like that but for now, assume that it is?

Q. Will you link to my website/comic?
A. Most likely not. I say most likely because there is always a chance for everything. If it’s something either of us enjoy a lot then we just might do that. But, as we want to keep our link page a little less than crazy, we can’t link everyone.

Q. Can I use your artwork for something I’m doing?
A. It depends on what you’re using it for? As long as you give us credit and don’t make any money off of it, then it’s most likely okay but if you feel like it’s something that might be questionable then shoot us an e-mail.

Q. Can I cosplay your characters?
A. Only if you take tons of pictures and send them to us! That would be rad!

Q. Can I do fan art of your characters?
A. Only if you send us a copy so we can check it out. Mallow especially loves fan art. <3

Q. Can I write some fanfiction?
A. Err… sure? There are a few couplings out there we would prefer there not be but we’re not going to stop you. *enter rant about how sometimes friendship is friendship* You can send us your fanfiction if you’d like as well.

Q. What kind of time period/place is this?
A. A bleak future that fits very close to our own reality, but not 100 percent. There’s a bit of magic and stuffs at work. So, use your imagination.

Q. What the crap is Insta Corp.?
A. Stick around to find out!