soooooo, the comic hasn’t been moving at all. i’m sure you’ve noticed. i do apologize for that but things went kind of crazy for awhile and are continuing that pattern.

i hate making excuses for the comic not having any forward momentum but it seems that we have to again. it started with busted pipes because of the winter causing us to have to stay with family and has now settled on the fact that my computer, the one that i use to upload everything, decides to do some crazy stuff. for all intents and purposes, it is down for the count. i’ve ran memory tests, hdd tests, all the diagnostics in safe mode and otherwise and it’s still down for the count. i’m going to try a few other things but if that don’t work, then we’ll be back up and running asap. no telling at this time when that will be.

also, when we do get back up and running this will be that way of it… going to go back to posting on Tuesday and Thursday as usual but since the artist is having writer’s block and a 9 to 5 job when we’re out of content we’ll stop til there is more. so if there is content it posts those days. if not, it doesn’t. if we think it will be a while we might post some hiatus art or something. sometimes he doodles or does art other than for the comic to try to get in the mood, if you want to see that you can check him out here.

also, if anyone watches me or us on youtube at either mallowcakes or thedomesticakes, that will be at a standstill for the time being as well.